If you are a yogurt lover, you will- what my dad called ‘kvell’ at yogurt overseas. Different from our products, yogurt overseas is creamier, less sugary and comes in smaller containers ( better for calorie control). Flavors might be different. (the UK, for instance, has rhubarb and hazelnut yogurts).

When you travel, bring along a plastic spoon or two. Go to the local supermarket for a hunt ( the word is pretty much the same in every language). You will find Danon and other recognizable brands even in India.

Alternatively, check the breakfast buffet at the fine hotels we use on our India tour in November. Most will offer yogurts. The history of yogurt begins in Turkey and quickly moves to India where the great Akbar, talked about yogurt and its medicinal properties.

If you do not eat dairy but want the assistance of yogurt to set you right, consider bringing acidophilus pills on your trip. I hope I spelled that right. These can help re-balance you while you enjoy new foods and fabulous Indian restaurants.