For the first time ever, I was asked for proof of vaccination in a Vaccine Passport. The ‘ask’ was by the receptionist at a private club in Manhattan. My CDC card is locked away. Therefore, as proof, I  presented an iPhone with the New York State app, Excelsior Pass. I was permitted to take off the mask. Friends with no smart phone or CDC cards had to wear  masks until seated. We felt like haves and the have nots. It reminded us of a scene from ‘A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to The Forum’, the hilarious Mel Brooks movie. The female character admires a line handsome men for her ‘entertainment’. She points to each one, saying Yes No Yes No Yes No. 

Today at Trader Joe’s I was not asked for proof of vaccination. And I did not wear a mask.  Returning by bus, masks again.  Confusing?  

So where are we going with all this new stuff?   Slowly countries are moving towards requiring proof of vaccination. Florida and Texas penalize companies for requiring vaccinations; most of the rest of the globe is going to require them. Paper CDC cards are the going document for Americans under Biden’s instructions. Electronic apps are tip toeing to us along with security measures. Paper cards are absurdly easy to duplicate. PS don’t show yours on social media!! They can also get lost.

CDC Vaccine Passports Going Electronic

Driving licenses are still hard copy, as are Passports. But there is now a mobile Passport for limited use as a smart phone app.  Vaccinations like Smallpox are still on yellow paper. The international airline association (IATA) is about to approve a Vaccine Passport. After a trial with 60,000 travelers, IATA’s Travel Pass looks like a go in weeks. It holds test results and vaccine certifications securely.  It helps users find test centers at departure and arrival locations. And it will list up-to- date information on travel restrictions. 

Now some countries, Mexico is one, are also moving from paper documents to a downloadable form on line. Pre approval electronically means quicker border crossings needed.  Antiquated, our federal government gives only a paper document for your airline returning to the US.  Again confusing? Yes. Anxiety inducing? Yes.

What are the lessons to be learned here. 

1—No matter what your politics, the Vaccine Passport is on the way.

2—No matter who much you hate monopolistic Apple or Google, you need a smart phone.

3—-No matter how much you angst about id theft, electronic information will be universal with security.

4—No matter how rushed you are, take time when choosing a link on the internet for anything. 

Look deeply at a site before you click and enter information. Example: if you are renewing a passport. is not the State Department. is the State Department.  Example: if you are applying for Global Entry for faster airport lines: is not Customs and Border Control is the official site. 

Customs and Border Control official site. Look carefully at sites before you click.
Official Customs and Border Control Logo

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