We are not experts in travel health. However The Women’s Travel Group is a first-hand witness in how poorly women prepare for their travel health.

Packing and Shopping Excessively. Sure it feels good to have new travel clothes. Shopping tinge is a prelude to travel excitement. We say: avoid these splurges! New shoes are dangerous as you have not tested them on tired or swollen feet. New clothes take up the attention you should give to important documents and money. Losing an old tee shirt doesn’t leave you with a sense of loss of control. Losing a new purchase can disorient you. 

Too many pills   Discussing then bringing too much medicine is a sign you are nervous and even distrust overseas medical help. Of course, visit your doctor, but tell him/her not just where you are going but the season/expected weather and the exact part of the country you will visit. If you are going to a desert in high altitude Mexico, the doctor might still check his CDC guide for tropical beaches.

Leaving exhausted. Everyone has adrenaline pumping before a big trip-even us veterans. It is not necessary to reorganize your household before a trip. Save that flurry of activity for the actual trip. Create a list of pre-travel to do’s: here is part of mine: download books and movies for the plane, review and copy all documents and the 24/7 emergency numbers,  unplug the computer, lock up files, tell bank re ATM use, organize mail, make a list of some passwords, prepay credit cards, book a car for airport, etc. 

Trusting your memory. Don’t! Maintain a list of items to pack, especially items that are not clothing. Here is part of mine: extra suitcase locks, paper/pens, business cards, rubber bands, small roll toilet paper, ‘Swiss card’ which has tiny tools in it, basic personal products, munchies like granola bars, earplugs, extra shower caps, extra plugs for phone/iPad/computer and to adapt to any airport where I might layover. (ie not going to England but changing planes there, bring an English plugin case), airline club cards, washcloth (generally not used out of the US), alarm clock. These days, add hand sanitizer.

Think about bringing an extra fabric bag for unexpected schlepping onto the plane: that olive oil in duty-free?

Not practicing with carrying on bags and or large purses. It is a mistake to buy then immediately use a new carry on bag on a trip. I bought one: a double-sized Longchamps without experimenting with its weight and balance. Stupid mistake. The bag is fine; it is Phyllis that is dumb. Like shoes, use any bag ahead of time to make sure it works for you and your ability to carry/balance weight.

Travel Tips for women who love to travel from The Women’s Travel Group.

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