Our home in Paris for The Holidays

Our home in Paris for The Holidays


The Women’s Travel Group offers some trips during winter, like Paris for The Holidays Dec 21-28. Although we visit the world capital of fashion, there is no reason to ‘dress up’ for the trip. Just be comfortable.  Here is our suggested wardrobe for European cities in winter. And for winter river cruises like New Year’s on The Rhine with us. From top to bottom, here is what works:

Winter coat, gloves and if you get cold easily, wear a down jacket under your coat. It will double as a sweater. Best store: Uniqlo

Cheap hat,  you don’t mind losing. Bring a shower cap in case you want double rain protection but hide under your hat. Good source Target

Cheap and cheerful scarf: many cities have street vendors who sell these from $5 up.

Dark slacks, tapered slacks are warmer.  Source: many stores sell dark faux wool from Walmart or Kohls.

Leggings in case you really want double leg warmth.  Any color will do so shop smart at a place like TJ Maxx

Socks you can pull over the bottoms of your pants. There is always that space between pants and socks that can be chilly. Borrow from your high school neighbor.

Good walking shoes. Remember if they get wet,you can stuff them with newspaper for overnight drying. Good sources for old tired feet: Rockport, Ecco, Mephisto if you can afford it. Mephisto is MUCH cheaper in Paris, fyi.

Purse/money belt: I love Kipling goods for durability and great colors. Whatever you purchase, make is light with at least one internal zipper for cash and valuables.

Whatever you decide, don’t go shopping for our trips, we are casual from breakfast through dinner. None of The Women’s Travel Group members strut the catwalk. For more information about Paris or other tours with us, call 646 309 5607 or Email Phyllis@thewomenstravelgroup.com  Phyllisnycity@gmail.com