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Airlines are beginning to offer new crazy cheap seats: example, American Airlines and British Airways yesterday: round trip New York to London: $485. The big guys are scared of the discounters and are taking action.






So what are we getting for that half priced fare?

The same routes and same schedules, most of the flights for mid March were empty-ish.
You will get your ff miles.

Seats with extra leg room might cost you even if you have status on the airline.
Overhead space might not be allowed. How they will monitor this is a mystery to this writer.
You might have to pay for checked luggage.
No upgrades if you book the basic economy seats.
You will board last.
You might not be able to pre-book your seat.

So for a splurge and you-don’t-care trip, go for these seats, pay for the one checked bag, arrive really early for your seat, and enjoy the price while it lasts.

The Women’s Travel Group allows you to book your own tickets, use frequent flyer tickets or ask us for help.

You might feel like Tiny Tim looking into a Christmas meal, but who cares!