It is July 4, let’s be patriotic and let the government spy on us. Here is one practical reason to let the government spy on you. You should get Global Entry now.  Global Priority is a popular program that allows travelers coming home from overseas  to re-enter the United States on an expedited basis.  You fill out copious forms on line and email them.  One of the hard ones for me personally is to list every country visited and when visited. Be prepared. 

Once your information is accepted, you go to an enrollment center for an interview and finger printing. Some centers are at airports and you can walk in while there and ask for your interview. Some are in town federal buildings.  It is better to book an interview on line. The airport officers are dealing with other matters not just GP .

My interview at JFK took 10 minutes during which we talked about women’s travel and wrested with my dry finger tips on the machine.  

You need to bring a passport and one additional form of identity. 

It costs $100 to join for 5 years. Oddly the timing begins 5 years after your next birthday. So if you are thrifty, can work out the delay time between application and appointment, you might get 6 years out of your $100. 

If your license does not have a star on it, GP is good for domestic air travel so you do not have to pay for an updated license. Another savings.

Some credit card benefits include Global Entry’s fee; however you often renew your card at a different time from when you need to pay or renew GP. Suggestion: renew your card at the right time to save $100.

And a last item to understand, and this is for women. If your fingers and hands tend to be dry after a plane ride, you need to use a hand moisturizer before getting finger prints done or before using the GP machines with your fingers. (Some now use image recognition not finger printing).

When I came home on a busy busy JFK arrival day, Global Entry people had to tussle even fight to keep their line private. The regular lines snaked all the way to the first airplane landing slot. Non users did not understand why we were given special treatment. Once we got an officer involved, the GP line moved fast. 

Enrollment centers are reopening shortly. They will be busy like the Passport Agency so again be patient. And just let the government spy on you.

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