The Women’s Travel Group keeps up with on-the-ground situations. We have temporarily suspended our 2nd Iran trip; visas for Americans are on hold. We are going to Russia in July and expect the welcome to be as warm as ever. What veteran travelers know about the brand of ‘being American’, is everyone likes us.

In Cold War years, Americans going to Russia were stared at with envy. We were like movie stars, sporting the latest in jeans and sweatshirts. Today we are just another tour group, with no particular wardrobe. It is our smiles and general friendliness which marks our nationality.  Our Russia trip is booking and we only need 6 more women to join us.

Best hotels with good food, vodka and loads to see.

Unusual itinerary to include Moscow, St. Petersburg,  the medieval monastery in Suzdal and  UNESCO Heritage Vladimir. Ballet, vodka, palaces,Faberge, icons, The Kremlin, Red Square art and music. We include it all.

Only 6 spots left: details here on this click. Call us for a room share availability.

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