Kathy, a new Women’s Travel Group member, emailed us today that she flies a lot, and read an article about Merida, Mexico, in the new Delta Magazine.  Dec 2-7 2016 $1525. Our hotel is Casa de Balam, a baroque boutique hotel with a pool, fine courtyard dining close to the center. Be a trend setter and come to Merida with us before the crowds.We can only take a small group due to the hotel size.

Five interesting facts about  Merida:

Merida is a travel secret, therefore,  US-Merida airfares are high with few flights.  We are picking The Women’s Travel Group  up in Cancun where airfare is low. We overnight at the luxury  Cancun Westin, meet for welcome dinner there, then  next day, drive from the touristy to the authentic. Our next nights are spent in and around Merida and Campeche.

Food is Mayan: corn based so gluten free! Restaurants in Merida are famous, with a eclectic choices. If you cannot tolerate spice, let us know. Churros are churros.churros2

Every night, in the historic center, there is a cultural event: music, dance, celebrations of all sorts based on Mayan/Mexican traditions. Even the traditional Mayan ball game is played for exhibition on Friday nights. womendancing

Handicrafts are both pre-Colombian and Spanish influenced. The very low Peso is our amigo. What do you think of these hand embroidered shoes: semi traditional/semi hip.


Finally, Campeche the free tour if you book by July 1. A UNESCO World Heritage site, walled ocean front, perfect center. UNESCO states it has Outstanding Universal Value. And the drive through jungle past ruins, birds and flowers is equally memorable.

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