Rosemarie T., a close friend, shared this fact  yesterday. Rosemarie  just came back from her annual scientific trip to S. Africa and Namibia.  As a curiosity, she measured the distance between Johannesburg and the closest ebola area (a tip of Nigeria where ebola is already eradicated). The distance is the same as that from Jo’burg to Central Canada and or Denver.

Why repeat her calculation? To show again that perceived threats from news media do not always have ‘meat’.

The best proof is the revolving door of headlines about danger.  Headlines were Iran until Mexico; Mexico until Ebola; then Ebola and W.Africa until France; now instead of France, it is Belgium. Soon with the Republican push back on Iran, Belgium will give way to Iran. Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my.

Here is the solution; turn off news channels, watch HGTV or The Food Channel.  Modern news media creates stresses that hurt your body and cramp your dreams.  Conventional news competes with new blogs and on line material, by frightening us. Hey, reporters do you also have to make the weather report so terrifying?

PS if you live in Eastern CT, start freaking about earthquakes or talk to a Californian psychiatrist who will laugh at you. Solo travelers who join our groups are never alone, another note from The Women’s Travel Group.

Just a message from The Women’s Travel Group going to look at the wonderful art and villages of The Mediterranean coast.