Here is most of the group in Uxmal, UNESCO heritage site, Yucatan Mexico

Our group of 15 returned from The Yucatan last night, full of chocolate, taco chips, fine food, and memories. Besides visiting Mayan sites, villages, Merida and Campeche, we did some shopping here and there.

Here is what you can buy in Mexico these days with such a low Peso:

Turquoise heart necklace: $16

Blouses embroidered by the woman selling them to you: $5-6

Artisanal chocolate, large bars with chili? coffee beans? corn chips? vanilla? oregano? more. $10

Vanilla beans still oily and fresh $8.50 per container

Brightly colored straw animals for your Christmas tree or just as ornamental $3.50 each

Pearl necklaces $20+

Part of the fun of Mexico is the markets full of hand made goods sold by friendly women who often wish to tell you about their lives and children. Even if spoken by hand signals and broken charming English.

Take one of the last spots on Mexico City or Puebla now while the Peso is so low.

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