The Women’s Travel Group offers some trending destinations: Mexico City, Puebla, Ethiopia, Palermo,and more. A trending place is one that we visit now, and the rest of the US visits in 5 years. A good place to find travel trends is in non-US papers, specifically British ones. Where the Brits go now is where you want to go. The Women’s Travel Group finds and visits these places first. Call us at 646 309 5607 or email us to discuss being trendy!

Why are these trending places:

Mexico City: With more and cheaper flights and many new and ancient sites, Mexico City is on the map as one of the top places in 2016. Pyramids, great food, amazing museums, modern wonderland, irresistible markets and all only a few hours for most of North America. And CHEAP with a low low peso.

Puebla: The food and ceramic tile capital of Mexico is only a few hours from Mexico City. Home to 5 indigenous groups and many saints, Puebla is a festival town. We include Cuernavaca and the highest pyramid in Mexico on this short, inexpensive trip Feb 2-5. Many women arrive Feb 1 for a longer time in Mexico City.