How To Prepare for Your First Exotic Trip: The Women’s Travel Group.

exotic trip in Marrakesh
This photo of Marrakech from Morocco Tourism Office

April 7-20 2019 The Women’s Travel Group offers Morocco and  we have a few spots left: from sophisticated Mediterranean coast (Casablanca, Rabat, Fez etc.) over the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Oasis of Marrakech. From Roman towns to tribal villages. From rolling hills to snow capped mountains.

If you have never traveled outside of North America and Europe, this is a perfect first exotic trip. Here it is: Here is the full itinerary: click this link

exotic Morocco
Exotic and Exciting Morocco Photo from Morocco Tourism Office

Preparing for Morocco

Fabulous Fez Photo from Morocco Tourism Office

People dress in original photogenic ways; they might be camera shy so respect with permission before taking photos.

Visit gorgeous tiled/carpeted mosques. Rules might be shoes off or wear a “loaner” cover-up. Morocco is more modern; rules might not apply everywhere. Be prepared with extra socks.

Throw away pre-judgements about the role of women vs men. Morocco has many professional women in power. However American women can seem to be too friendly: lower your smiles when encountering men.

In Morocco tourists wear anything; but we suggest you wear darker colors and no skimpy tops or skirts. A packing list is included for our trip.

Markets “souks” are crowded with tribespeople, animals etc. Souks are exciting, windy and loaded with crafts you will want: leather, jewelry, fabric, baskets, beads, carpets. Be fast if time constraints. If not, offer half, then work up. The merchant will always win, so give in when you hit a $$ target.  Enjoy your purchase; do not fret or say negative things. Thank the merchant before leaving his stall.

Hotels  have unusual amenities: a roof top bar where you hear prayers sung from mosques? A Turkish bath called a hammam where you are scrubbed and rubbed? A buffet with new foods?  A person to henna paint your hands? Be ready for new experiences and explore your hotels.

Roads are good, hotels excellent, food delicious and varied; our guides will bring you from newbie to Moroccan expert.

There are a few spots left for our April trip; email Mary for information or to get a spot on the trip.

Here is the full itinerary: click this link