Unique Ways to Make Your Carry Stuff On Lighter

Readers Digest says 57.4 percent of travelers are packing lighter and 56.5% plan to check fewer bags. Here is their article.

Empty Your Wallet of store credit cards. Consider taking photos of cards you might want to use. Put your finger on some of the numbers when you take the photo; this is to hide the full information.

Dump coins. Coins are heavy. In some countries like the UK, coins are so heavy, they will break through fabric pockets in a short time. Coins can always be left on the hotel bed along with your housekeeping tips; therefore killing two birds with one stone.

Take out specific pages from travel guides. You can place them back in the book later. Remember to retain all Helpful Hints from the book; in addition, save some maps in your phone. This alone will make your carry on stuff lighter and more manageable.

TSA and air safety
Carry on luggage should be lighter and easier to navigate

Borrow on line from your library. I have found this easy to do. Some strange areas also appear in State Dept. manuals and other scholarly books which can enhance your knowledge. Another incredible source for travel are the CIA unclassified files. The CIA also has a set of World Travel Facts, perfect short information you should have.

Scan and save as images heavy trip documents. These should be carried on, so lighten the papers and binders. And save as images items you must not lose under any condition: 24/7 emergency numbers and such.

Don’t fill to the brim. If you have to fill a carry on so that items don’t move around, use bubble wrap for spaces. The goal is to make your carry on stuff lighter and easier to get at.

Lay your clothes out on the bed first, put aside  what you would need if luggage is delayed.

Only carry emergency items like medicine/electronic devices/one set of light clothes/ documents/ what you cannot live without for a day.. Statistics that luggage will be delayed are very low. 

Treat Yourself to a lightweight carry on bag; we suggest at least one interior zip pocket and a lock hole.  

This is a travel tip from The Women’s Travel Group who are currently booking small tours for women and their friends.

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