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Can a US Passport Holder be turned away by a country that normally allows us entry?  We all assume that our US/ Canadian passports grant us entry to practically all nations.  (When The Women’s Travel Group trips require a visa ahead of time for instance India,Iran, Brazil) , we advise you carefully).

Here are some situations where you might spend your vacation in the airport.

Your passport visa pages are messy, with overlapping visa stamps from unusual and exotic countries. Some countries want a fresh unmarked page and want to be able to clearly see your prior travels.

You go frequently to that country, look like a business person, are carrying your computer for instance. You can be denied entry since you look as if you are going to work there. This is especially true if your ‘hotel address’ is actually a home address using Airbnb for instance.

You have a one way ticket, as you do not yet know your return date.

You have a round trip ticket but cannot show hard copy proof of it.

You added extra passport pages but the pages have an incorrect passport number on them.

Your passport has less than 6 months left from date of departure from that country. (6 months is recommended by State even for countries that only require 3 months).

You visited an area with a contagious disease. These are moving targets so check with the State Dept, CDC and the visa site for your destination. For instance, for The Women’s Travel Group trips to countries that have detailed and specific regulations, we work with you to get your visa.

Finally you took your expired passport by mistake. The Women’s Travel Group did have a member who did not realize the punched hole in her passport meant it was the old one. She was turned away at the airport, was issued a new one in 24 hours…. at great expense.

Please ask us travel questions, we will do our best to help.

The Women’s Travel Group offers trips to many unusual destinations including India,Ethiopia,Iran, Brazil, Morocco, Namibia, S. Africa, China.

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