What a let down to be home from our 12 day Argentina tour. A great group of women joined me starting in Parisian like Buenos Aires then the high Andes and Iguazu Falls. Wine Wine Wine…..and none of it Whine.

Efficient unpacking:
1- dump the laundry
2- put all paperwork, receipts, etc in a ziplock bag.
3-replace unused travel pills back in another zip lock with a code so you know which is which pill.
4-lock up your passport
5-check your online credit card accounts to ensure all is safe and sound.

Since this country is in our time zone, no jet lag but since planes dehydrate you, drink lots of water, eat lots of fresh fruit and get back to real life. Boo Hoo.

If you love shopping you will love Argentina and if you are free in November, join our incredible trip to India and the Pushkar Market, a highlight of your travel life.