Why do most tours seem so short and airfares so expensive? Tours are short because Americans do not take vacations they deserve. Airfares are expensive because fuel surcharges remain high though fuel is low. (Fuel surcharges have been renamed: “international fees”; how annoying is that?)

Italy is a lot more than Rome and Tuscany. Each corner of the peninsula has its surprises. Or like Naples its reputation. (Yes we include Naples!!) Naples is an open air museum due to the many statues and fascinating buildings; it is not just a jumping off point for Pompeii and Amalfi Coast.

The Boot, or Apuglia is a magnificent coastal area, with its Greek and Roman history and artichokes, tomatoes, mushrooms and of course lots of olive oil all farm fresh.  Some of the most beautiful villages in Italy like Lecce  are here. On the cust of discovery, visit Apuglia now.

Cinque Terra, the rugged part of the Italian Riviera can only be reached by foot or boat. These are 5 hill top towns hanging from cliffs over the Mediterranean. We visit by boat, and notice the colored houses, painted so the fishermen could see their houses from the sea.

Rome, Tuscany and Amalfi Coast are also included. One Airfare, one jet lag yet see it all.

Join us on the Ultra Italy trip, guaranteed shares. Ask about airfares to Rome.