We are all 7 years older, which means packing more ibuprofen and comfier shoes. We have more time to travel, but less patience. We are wiser, more money conscious and probably bargain hunt with more gusto. We are more reluctant to get up early for tours. But for travel at 7 years older, here are a few rules:

Don’t race on your first day; give yourself time to adjust, even if no jet lag as in our Argentina trip in August.
Eat sensibly before the trip and come with a clearer head-maybe forgo that drink on the plane?
Use a computerized list for packing, to avoid forgetting something important like your head.
Take travel insurance to avoid worry about either your private insurance or Medicare coverage (invalid out of the US by the way).
Leave home the stack of documents in your wallet; photograph them and leave in your iphone if need be. Loehmanns credit cards not needed in Buenos Aires.

When asked how old you can be and still take our tours? It is all about being organized, knowing your stamina and being honest about what you will not do. And by the way, we have seen 35 year olds poop out before 65 year olds!

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