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The Women’s Travel Group is full of wanderlust-ed women who are currently housebound. Where do we dream about going these days? Is it cities like London or Paris? Are we drifting to wider open spaces in our reveries? 

How to Get Around Britain

On our trips we like to combine city and country. Here is a combo to satisfy both the urbanite and the country gals. Britain has a terrific train system; off peak is cheaper than peak commuting times. Super off peak hours are generally 10AM-3:30PM then after 7:15PM. These are perfect times for your day out from London.  

Buses take a bit longer but are full of friendly locals who usually want to help. You eventually get to even the most remote places by local buses.  From London, the Tube or what we call Subway goes very far North/South/West and East ending up in the countryside and/or exurbs. The price of your ticket depends on how far you go. Different zones have different prices. Finally, once you are in the countryside, follow public footpath signs.

When staying in London, you can easily visit the beautiful countryside by safe public transportation. Paddington Station is easy to find. From Paddington, take the train (1 hour 20 minutes) to Bath. In Paddington, you will see places to buy your picnic lunch and the station is small and user friendly.

A Great Day Out from London

Bath is named for the fact that the Romans used the natural hot springs in the area, for warm waters the soothed their arthritis. 

Once you arrive, the Bath train station is central to the sights: The Roman Baths, The elegant Georgian downtown and charming shops, or the Baths which are still in use:   

You can either walk the city or jump on the Hop On Hop Off bus. On our trip to London and the Countryside in October, we base the second half in Bath for its location and access to fantastic spa-type hotels. Bath is near the villages we loved in Downton Abbey, Stonehenge is on the way. The climate is milder than that in much of Britain.

What to buy in Bath? Bath produces famous cheeses. Yes, you can bring it home. Here are customs regulations for cheese. Buy crafts everywhere in Britain; they are still valued more than imported factory items. Affordable groceries sell jams and jellies, crackers and such: Waitrose is my favorite. The companies(Duchy) owned by The Prince of Wales make foods for your snootier pals.

If you want to save money, and forgot to buy lunch in Paddington, try a sandwich from Pret a Manger. Where else could you buy a Scottish smoked salmon sandwich with fresh lemon juice on soft brown granary bread for a very few US dollars? PS enjoy the free wifi in most restaurants. 

Phyllis Stoller , travel dreams
Phyllis Stoller in Africa with the Group

Where to get More Information

For more information about our London and Countryside trip: Also email us via that link or call 646 309 5607. We organize small group insightful tours to many places where we have special contacts and insider visits.

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