Admit it, you watch television more than before the pandemic. And you probably begin earlier, say around 5PM? Every other ad tells you, that seniors are needy, forgetful, have skin problems and are too frail to push a swing or stir cake batter.  Your hair is falling out and your glow is gone. Moreover you sweat too much and your jeans are too tight. Too much TV and not enough travel.

Do not give in to marketing telling you who you are. 

If you are needy, make friends even virtual ones. If that is hard for you, join a women’s group or charity. Even better travel with a women’s group or charity, a virtual women’s book club, adult ed class? 

If you think you are becoming forgetful, learn to make lists. 

A packing list which evolves. Example: I recently added: masks, straws, and sanitary wipes to mine. Last year I added eye drops for an eye situation.  A new medical situation? Still not enough travel.

Another list might include empty home chores: bills, stopping  the mail, hiding a extra front door key, tossing old food?  Some items easy to forget: are: telling your bank/ATM provider that you will travel? Advising Paypal if you use it? Making list of credit cards and their 800+ local numbers. Include your travel insurance policy number and their concierge/emergency information.

A third list should be the one you use before departing your hotel room: empty the safe, check outlets for chargers, look under the bed, peak into  corners of the closet.  Draw back a shower curtain to look for personal items left. Open the safe the night before, just in case of an electronic glitch. Leaving something for the maids: put a note on top of the cash or left items. In some hotels, housekeeping is no allowed to take left items without proof. 

sample ticket number from American Airlines site

There is the fourth most important list:  travel documents. Here goes: a ticket number, and reservation number or PNR/Record Locator.  You should list all contacts at your tour company, airline, agent hotels and meet and greet personnel.  Keep your full itinerary in hard copy or as a permanent picture in your phone. The number two highlight is the 24/7 emergency contact—probably NOT be your agent or the US tour company.

We cannot do much for your weight, skin or hair but stay positive, eat healthy and de-stress. Now learn to push a swing and buy a cake, and forget those 5PM television ads. Some realistic words from The Women’s Travel Group and Phyllis Stoller, Email us here for information on upcoming trips for women. All trips are fairly priced and very inclusive.

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