Tips for choosing a winter wellness week.

                               Ixtapan Spa will be your 2016 gift.

  1. Make sure your hotel includes fitness and/or spa treatments in prices. Do not be fooled by discounted room prices. Service charges on spa treatments are usually 20% on top of the price.
  2. Ask what is walkable from the hotel.  Everyone wants to leave the confines of a resort, no matter how lovely, and many destination resorts are remotely situated.
  3. Shopping? Is there shopping near.  Most hotels have ridiculously overpriced shops. If you like relaxed and budget shopping, make sure there are places- hopefully walkable- but if not, taxi-near.
  4. Is there anything else to see and how do you get there? What a shame to visit a resort and not see a cultural or historic site.
  5. Check the single supplement; if you are doing a fitness spa trip, treat yourself and look for a single deal.
  6. Check the weather and altitude, which affects temperature and air quality.
  7. Ask about casual dining and, if going alone, about dining for solos.
  8. Is use of the spa area free? Or is there a resort charge on top of the room charge?
  9. Ask for a list of a week’s worth of free activities.

10. Finally, check out the photos of women on the hotel site; do they look like you?

The Women’s Travel Group welcomes all sizes and shapes to its annual Ixtapan Spa weeks: Feb 7-14, 14-21 and 21-28, 2016.

WE ARE ALMOST FULL. One spot left Mexico city tour Feb 4-7, and continue to Ixtapan Feb 7 if you wish. The double trip has a $100 discount