Theft on planes remains an issue. Women, especially, are the victims. We think that carry on is the be all and end all. We trust passengers merely because they could afford a ticket. Finally we feel ‘safe; in the confines of a plane’s cabin. Theft on airplanes is fairly common. Most companies do not cover you for theft in the airplane cabin. 

Some mistakes women make are here in no particular order. 

Women experience theft on airplanes, because they leave their valuables near their seats, even when they leave the seat. We tend to use the facilities more than men so we leave our seats more often. 

Women allow themselves to fall asleep with purses on the floor under the seat in front of them. A purse is easy prey for a seat mate; moreover, passengers tend to carry more cash than they would at home. We also forget that on some aircraft the person in front of you can reach your bag easily.

Women use open topped baskets and bags.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Fun-Frida-Kahlo-Bags.jpg

If women wear a money belt, the item stays at the front of her body so as to  fall asleep comfortably. We leave the opening on top. A quick unzip and there goes our money. 

OR in the heat of TSA inspection, we move cash or a  credit card into a pocket and forget it is there. Getting into a pocket is more intrusive but still possible for a thief. 

Women usually do not lock their overhead bags. Some bags do not even have a place for a lock.  Again it is not uncommon for overhead luggage to be opened by strangers. There are many articles about theft of cash, valuables and electronics by gangs working together even in Business Class.

If the overhead is full, even worse as you might have to distance your bag from your body. A recipe for theft on airplanes. 

Oh dear so much to think about. Get a good TSA approved lock, use it, and keep your head on your shoulders. Contact us for Trips and Tips. Look at our site for our many tours for women. Check us out on Facebook or Instagram. 

Official TSA sign: Source