1. Re-read all the documents that came with your trip package and put them in carry on bags. Same with your insurance policy and keep the travel insurance company number handy. You might need to call them from the airport if your flight is cancelled. Solo travelers especially be diligent.

2. Check weather again in both destination and any stopover airport.

3. Re-scan the seating chart of your flight to see if a better seat turned up.

4. Starting at your head, going down to your toes, think through what you packed and what you have forgotten.

5. Re-organize passport, insurance doc’s, important information so they are all easy to find, but not packed so you drop anything while accessing them.

6. Look back at your packed clothes and remove 1 of each 5 items!  You can wear things twice, especially on airplane days.

7. Recharge all electronics and call your telephone company to learn how to turn off roaming, access voice mail overseas etc.

8. Start drinking extra water and go to sleep earlier.

9. Do not over worry about small things; people travel every day!

10. Get over the fashion show and be comfy.

Tips from The Women’s Travel Group.