Italy always 8-9 to fit into our farmouse.




We are often asked How Large are Your Groups? It is hard to answer when our groups range from 6-21 and often fall in the middle of those numbers. But here are a few comments about group size we have tracked for 23 years.

21 has to be the max. Why? We have found that with 21 women in a group, everyone makes 2-5 new friends and everyone has a meaningful conversation with everyone else during the trip. With 21, women will remember each participant. And often we begin with 21 and have a cancellation or two before the trip…

15 works well also. Of course you have fewer choices of new friends but 15 is an easy group to navigate.

8-10 now we are talking intimate group size. Some women prefer this small group; others say they like socializing with more.

Whatever the ultimate group size, the important factor is how well run the trip is and how efficiently paced it it. We have found our group is organized, prompt, and ready to go. Probably not a surprise to you out there. In all group sizes, there will be many solo travelers.  Finally the size of the group determines the vehicle we use, but the itinerary stays the same.

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