For some of you out there, please go buy yourself a world MAP. Why do we say this as we end our 25th year at The Women’s Travel Group? Besides enthusiastic and upbeat travelers who join us, there are women who are shockingly and narrowly informed about our world.

A woman called who did not book Russia because of “the wars”. We asked her what wars? She said, “my family says there are wars there”. Unless she is related to John Kerry, our US Secretary of State, I don’t think her family is privy to secret information about ‘wars’. Really folks, aren’t we women of a certain age smart enough to do some reading about our world? Get a map.

Another telephone enquiry about Italy, related to Kosovo. How many miles is Kosovo from Italy?  Well Italy is a big country, and distance has less to do with safety than luck and circumstance. Oklahoma City and San Bernadino are pretty far from Kosovo. Buy that map.

And a third: why can’t I fly directly to xxx?  It is not personal, my dear, airlines do not fly directly from certain airports to certain airports. Look at your map.

Our belief is that women from both sides of the aisle can work together to improve our country and world. Lets make a  resolution to study and learn exactly where we live, who are neighbors are, and how we can better communicate with them. So today or after Christmas rush, go buy a map.

Mexico is across 1200+ miles of border from the US, a wall will prevent Americans from crossing into Mexico.  More Mexicans are leaving the US for the buoyant economy in their country so that wall will do what?  Buy a map and see who lives next door.

We are wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah  and celebration of whatever makes you feel special, thoughtful and spiritual. We are ending our 25th year of women’s travel with a scolding and a request: please buy yourself a map. Oh yeah, and actually look at it.

If you wish to use your map, and book one of our 2017 trips: here is our site: Our new site should be up around February, but the destinations page here is up to date with Thanksgiving and Christmas trips to be added.