Credit cards for stores. We once had a woman show her Loehmann’s credit card as proof of identity- it worked but leave store/gasoline cards home.

Passwords on a piece of paper. If you must bring passwords, code them first. Take a photo of your list, and hide somewhere in your email account. A photo cannot be hacked.

Good costume jewelry; it might look real enough to get you robbed. And it will probably set off the TSA machinery if you wear it. If going to South India with us, buy it there; much high end costume jewelry is made in India.

Shoes you have not worn. Ouch. It is hard to buy shoes abroad and quickly. If you are going to Paris with us at Christmas, then splurge at one of the amazing sales. If going to Canyon Ranch or Ixtapan Spa, definitely get used to your sneakers up front.

Sleeping medicine you are not used to.

Speed dial numbers to 800 toll frees. If they work, you will be paying overseas rates from your phone in another country.

Provocative books that might be confiscated for political reasons. Even in countries we visit with The Women’s Travel Group like Chile and India, you might offend customs officials.

Loads of make-up:  happy travel is not a fashion show. In European countries like Ireland where we go this Summer, you can buy everything you need at even better quality and $.

Expensive anything: sunglasses, scarves etc. Why risk losing them in a hotel room or from your luggage?

Clothes that cannot be easily washed or that are too heavy: jeans for instance are weighty. Some artificial fabrics look great but stain even with an apple spurt.

Ask us any question; nothing is dumb or silly. Here is our email: And here is our phone 646 309 5607. And yes we offer Travel Insurance on all our trips.