Travel is as safe as ever. Newspapers are not as popular as ever. What connects the two subjects? To motivate you to buy a paper/read it on line/ or glance at a newsstand, head lines have to be horrifying and misleading.

Middle Eastern refugees will not attack you in Europe. Berbers will not throw a bomb at you in Morocco.  No one is waiting in a niche at the Colosseum in Rome to rob you. But newspaper headlines will hint that all of this will happen, and will happen to YOU.

You can stay at home or be smart and take advantage of everyone else’s fears. Currently, the peso and euro are at all time lows. A meal in Pisa will cost 25% less than before and it was cheap before. A necklace in Marrakech is a bargain when paid in USdollars- the most popular currency at the moment. Silver in Mexico is a steal.

Flights are emptier and yes, lower. Flights which connect in London are even cheaper as the Pound hits 1.20 from a former 1.55 and taxes are in Pounds.

People in popular destinations like Amsterdam for our Rhine cruise, Mexico City for our Puebla/Mexico City trip, and Capetown for our Namibia trip, will thank you for coming. I was just thanked by a woman restaurant owner, who sent me a discounted bill when she saw I was eating alone in Rome.

Hotels are more flexible. Think of it this way: there is a wedding and a horrible storm descends. If you attend despite the storm, you become the honored guest forever in the bride and groom’s hearts. Travel now, you will reap the benefits and be welcomed globally.

The Women’s Travel Group offers small group tours to places like Morocco, Italy, S. Africa, Tuscany in a farmhouse stay,  Berlin, Mexico City an Puebla, and many more. We are available by phone and email as well as whatsapp : 646 309 5607 email