• Horror: The Airplane Bathrooms

    Horror: The Airplane Bathrooms

    No one likes to talk about horror of airplane bathrooms. Today that is one of the most talked about horrors. The airplane bathrooms are small and according to Bloomberg, they are getting smaller.  They feel airless. They are dirty after a long flight.  Soap, toilet paper and even water can be gone.  Some are so small that disabled women or larger women cannot use them. On some American flights, says Bloomberg, the bathroom is only 22.1 inches across at the passenger’s chest level when seated. .…

  • Best Global Shopping

    India is the irresistible bargain basement: a $1 pen with rhinestones? $4 embroidered umbrella? 50c hand made paper? Cotton clothes for as little as $3? Herbal soaps and creams? Gems and pearls?   

    Morocco is a close second with fringed tribal rugs, silver, ceramics, leather and metal lamps. Bargaining is critical but if you love it buy it. If you purchase a carpet, get the vendor to pack it so you can put it on the plane. if leather goods, smell them for proper tanning. …

  • Chocolate Around the World

    Chocolate Around the World

    Chocolate you must try, buy and keep a supply, tips from The Women’s Travel Group.

    Chocolate ginger pieces or cookies: a common combo in Great Britain including Scotland. Ginger was imported from India to ancient Rome, then to Britain and ultimately became a colonial favorite. Chocolate ginger cookies can be supermarket level or gourmet from an upmarket store like Fortnum and Mason. 

    Chocolate with chili: The first time I ate a chocolate/chili bar was in Mexico City Airport. Chocolate with chili is made in Mexico by artisanal candy makers. …

  • The Good and Bad of Italian Street Food

    The Good and Bad of Italian Street Food

    Sicily Malta Trip
    Yes real WTGroup gelato hands

    Pizza, arancini, pastries, gelato, and its slushy cousin granita..… this is Sicilian street food you will find on our Sicily Malta Trip.

    In Sicily (March 2019 trip), pizza has a thicker crust, focaccia-like. In some areas, pizza has a top crust also-who doesn’t love double carbs? The good news is if you cannot eat cheese, Sicilians also make pizza without it. The bad news is in some areas it is fried and you will absolutely have to try it!…

  • How To Love Crowded Airports

    How To Love Crowded Airports

    Joining one of our Summer trips? Read these tips.

    women summer trips
    Ixtapan Summer Spa Group

    The Women’s Travel Group shares airport tips for women traveling.

    Dress with pull up no zipper clothes for easy bathroom use

    Avoid under wire bras.

    Keep tied shoes loose so you can slip on and off without leaning over.

    Don’t trust women in bathroom lines. A stall might not be in use and no one bothers to check. A toilet might need flushing, so do it.

    If seats are blocked, ask if you can sit until the friend arrives.…

  • Do Airline Staff Treat Women Worse than Men?

    1. TO COMPLAIN 1.express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something.” local authorities complained that they lacked sufficient resources” synonyms: protest, grumble, moan, whine, bleat, carp, cavil, lodge a complaint, make a complaint, make a fuss.

    The Women’s Travel Group says: OFTEN YES  We assume the first priority of airline staff is safety, the second efficiency, the third service. Experience is onboard staff less attentive to women than to men. Here are some examples of the ME TOO movement in plane travel what to do about it.…

  • Test Yourself, Ladies: Are You Ready or Your First Solo Trip?

    Test Yourself, Ladies: Are You Ready or Your First Solo Trip?

    Here is a checklist to answer privately and honestly. The Women’s Travel Group has many first timers!

    women solo trip

    Are you ready for the physical part of travel: moving luggage/tolerating plane rides/getting through airport crowds?

    If you live in a rural setting expect street noise and prepare for it with earplugs. Claustrophobic? Get help before you travel. Bad back/legs? Make sure your luggage is light and that you can move it both sideways and dragging.

    Do you have special needs? Diet?

  • Flight Cancellations: What to do Immediately

    Flight Cancellations: What to do Immediately

    flight cancellation
    Our group in Argentina

    Flight cancellation Triage from www.thewomenstravelgroup.com especially during the pandemic era. Let’s face it, some airlines are not going to survive this disaster.

    The FAA cancelled flights of Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 planes.  Here is what you need to do immediately if this or another crisis has hurt your travel plans. 

    If in the US: call your airline-on the local number not the 800; it might be faster. The local number will be on the airline site and you should keep it in your contacts in your phone anyway.…

  • “Invisible” Senior Women Travelers are Ignored

    International Women’s Day and Women’s Travel Rights 

    from       The Women’s Travel Group

    When traveling do you feel invisible? 

    Sense being ignored by the maitre d’ while business folks are welcomed?

    If so, you are an invisible probably retired woman traveler.

    Don’t get mad, get firm. 

    Don’t shout. 

    Learn to repeat.

    Complain to the right person.

    Hotel reception is poor? Get the card of the assistant or general manager. Are talking to is the person on the card. (That will be rare).…

  • Is Travel Scarier than Learning to Drive?

    Is Travel Scarier than Learning to Drive?


    Are you afraid to take your first trip with our group or anyone else? Many women admit yes.  Women of our age have surmounted  first steps and survived, often with a terrific high and new self importance.

    First day of school?  I was 5 and it was first grade in a New York public school: Public School 9.   I recall the teacher clearly: a nice middle aged Mrs. Levine with a soft voice and tricks to get us engaged.

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