Some of our group in Ixtapan Spa were cancelled by Delta on Feb. 15 2015, due to high winds at JFK.  The other women had no problem getting home same day. A few simple choices can help reduce the stress of a cancellation and any added costs.

Obviously travel insurance is the first preventative for both stress and $$. The second is to keep calm especially if you are solo.

On your airline profile (when you enter an airline website), put that you prefer notices by text message.  Email notices are usually sent later than text notices.  Your cancellation notice will usually say, ‘We will let your know your new flight shortly’.

Then wait for your replacement flight before rushing to contact the airline.  This can take some minutes even an hour.

If you do not like your replacement flight, then contact the airline on the 800 number for the country you are in. Do NOT use the 800 number for US toll free calls. Ask your hotel to help you so you do not incur roaming on your phone.

Keep records and paperwork for any expenses for your insurance claim. Proof will include the airline text message or email. You might have to take a photo of the text message and/or a screen shot of the email to produce for your claim.

Whatever you do, don’t panic. If you have questions, you can call the insurer and get their verbal permission to purchase services you are sure about.

Weather related cancellations are not the fault of the airline, so remember that when you call them or deal with the whole situation. Being nasty to airline personnel will not solve your problem.

Ask us for insurance, when you join The Women’s Travel Group trips. We are currently booking Italy in the Spring and have a last spot left on Southern France, both avoid SNOW.

Regards and happy traveling, Phyllis Stoller