It is sometimes difficult to describe profound personal experiences. Canyon Ranch, the gold star of ultra luxury, has places left for our discount weekend, beginning July 23. This is a the treat we all deserve, but how does one describe it?

Here are some of the unusual topics discussed at Canyon Ranch:

Working with your genes:know your heredity assets.

30 days to a better brain.

Synching your new Canyon Ranch routine to a Fitbit.

Reducing sugar craving by eating differently.

The skill of happiness.

Naturally delicious and easy to grow (yes even in your apartment).

Building on Strengths and going for balance.

This is not for the spandex crowd, Canyon Ranch is for anyone to whom life changing topics appeal. The resort is the nth in personal service and luxury; what better way to treat you or your best pal?

We have a group going for the 35-40% discount,July 23 for 3-4 nights, free Tanglewood tickets and transfers included for one concert. Summer in W. Mass is delightful. Come solo, you will love it even more.

Full details are here:

Just fill out and let us know you are joining the group.