We offer Ixtapan Spa at a group discount annually and our next group is pretty full on Feb. 9-16 2014. We are also offering Canyon Ranch Lenox with a group May 1-4 or stay until May 5. Please contact us for both of these deals-saving money is also good for you health and stress level.

The most important reason to go to a spa is to re-tool and re-boost yourself with a number of continuous days of fitness and good eating. You can ‘detox’ from junk, get a hint of what really healthy living makes you feel like and get back in touch with yourself and what YOU need. Try new even weird sounding things, open your mind and ‘take a hike within yourself’.

Treating yourself has absolutely nothing to do with being spoiling yourself, it is totally about getting the most from your mind and body. Start today with www.thewomenstravelgroup.com. Call us at 646 309 5607 if you wish.