The benefits of being a solo traveler within a group are many. India especially calls for travel pals. Let’s remind all of you that SITA our partners have been called Best for India Tours.

## The costs are divided up amongst the group. Analyses of group travel prices prove that again and again. Check out the cost of a private guide for the Taj Mahal versus a guide for a small group of women?
## You have company when you want and can do your own thing when you want. Shopping in Jaipur? Doesn’t it feel more comfortable to have a second opinion on that bracelet?
## With a varied group of women, the conversation can be scintillating or nutsy, a good laugh banishes jet lag.
## Sharing of books, snacks, ideas, small change, medicine can be valuable.

So Book our India trip today and share the fun then share your email with new travel friends.

There is a great group….Everyone fits in!!!!!