The most discussed issue for women travelers is still the penal single supplement. Overseas hotels charge by the room, not by the person meaning that one person in a room costs double what two persons would pay.

Why is it that men do not complain as much as we do about paying more?
1-First and foremost, we earn less!
2-Women nest more in their room, meaning the actual ambiance is more important to us.
3-We like our ‘toilette’ time, time to clean up and look fresh so the amenities talk to us.
4-Women are poorer sleepers statistically so the quality of the bed matters.
5-We hate hallway noise whereas men seem not to notice.
6-We are clean freaks.

All the hotels used by The Women’s Travel Group meet certain standards of quality and safety. They are mainly 4 1/2 to 5 stars with many amenities. Join us in India for some of our loveliest hotels and do not pay a single supplement. We will guarantee you a share on this and our Morocco trip.