Our next Sicily trip is during festival and Christmas markets season! Here it is. Photos in this blog post are mainly taken by our travelers on the last Sicily trip.

Sicily is a the most magnificent part of Italy with the best food, untouched villages and Greek/Roman ruins with no crowds.  Agriturismo farms like the ones we eat at, are internationally known.   Oil Mill and Farmhouse, Baglio Fontanasalsa will change your palate: rated 5 stars producing some of the best olive oil in the world.

Sicily to us is the Mafia/red sauce/snow capped Mt. Etna/ and three colored ice cream. Here is what you don’t know:

Jews lived in Sicily from 6th century BC until 1492. Recently one of many synagogues was resurrected out of a church in Palermo. Here is the fascinating story.  

Catholics populate Sicily. When you visit the Cathedral in Palermo, where rich families worship, it is not unusual (during the season we go), to see a wedding as we did last Sicily trip. 

Greek temples and Roman villas abound. December is perfect weather, yet low season for tourism. When we visit  a massive Greek temple, there are no crowds! We own it. We include a Roman villa, the most recent important excavation on the island.

Arab: influence is in the food: ice cream, originally made in the snows of Mt. Etna, durum wheat for pasta, sugar for Sicilian sweets and rice for risotto and arancini: fried balls of rice with orange flavor. (Note: buy some salts flavored with citrus or herbs as gifts).

If you want to see the Opera House in The Godfather, take a moment  in Palermo to visit. At the festival/parade we attend, you will hear the music that evolved into the Godfather’s music. (Coppola’s father did not win an Oscar as the music was taken from Sicilian folk music).

Don’t wait any longer to book a spot on Sicily. We can add days in Rome,, just ask. You will not need winter coats; you might need bigger clothes after you indulge in Sicily’s food, cakes, crystalized oranges.

Here is the trip: ask for a Share if you are solo and want to avoid the single supplement.


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