Today I saw an ad for the great discount shopping outside of Disney World in Orlando. Fl. This ad reminded me, that the good old shopping we used to do overseas,might not be there anymore. Some countries still offer deals but even China with its inflation and artificially high Yuan is creeping out of bargain territory. Before you travel, do your research.

Look at sites about shopping in your target area. Check Ebay and use the actual terms: ie search for Argentine leather jacket not just leather jacket. Google for “Top brands in xxx country” then get a price in your city or on the US site of the brand.

Look around US stores like Home Goods, World Market, or Pier One for similar items. These are good for ceramics and household goods at good prices.

Once you decide to buy, check country of origin even if  you are buying in the country of origin. Look at and under the lining, at all  buttons, check for nylon rather than silk by fingering the threads, smell any hides or leathers. If shipping make sure the insurance, freight forwarding are in the bill. Photograph it several times, photograph any paperwork you cannot take with you.

Then enjoy it even if you see if for less during the trip.

Some deals in Argentina are leather, ceramics, woven fabrics and crafts. A fine sheepskin coat might be hard to carry home, but what woman does not manage to schleep it, when she loves something!

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