Make your travel shopping meaningful and don’t fall for tourist junk. Here are ideas and experiences to help you. Crafts are irresistible for stitching, unusual clay work, glass opaqueness, and utility. There are pricey crafts like English china. There are areas where some crafts are dime a dozen: China. There are areas where prices are low and items cute: India. Finally, there is Morocco, where crafts are so well-made and different, it is hard to resist.  Many items sold internationally are actually from Morocco.

shopping and travel for women
Photo from Morocco Tourist Authority
shopping and shipping from overseas
Photo from Morocco Tourism Authority
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shoppingPhoto from Morocco Tourism Authority

On The Women’s Travel Group trips, we do not offer shopping per se; we combine shopping with cultural experiences like visits to a women’s coop or factory organized by women.

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Here are ways to combine shopping with experiences:

Morocco has intriguing exciting souks. Besides admiring leather goods, ceramics, lanterns, shoes, jewelry, gems, carpets… listen to the singing coming from the madrassas—religious schools— as you wander with our group. Even tape record it discreetly.  Mexico has markets where you can communicate with indigenous women who often have their babies in tow. A smile at a baby anywhere guarantees you a friend.

Engage in conversation with vendors by saying something nice about their goods.  If a vendor is creating a craft in front of you, compliment then ask for a photo of the vendor holding his goods. 

Spices in Morocco or the Persian Gulf or Egypt are ultra flavorful: black and white pepper, paprika, ginger, cumin, cayenne, cinnamon, saffron, anise, nutmeg, fenugreek. (See below for US Customs regulations). Bring zip Bring small bags for your herbs. Now talk to the merchant or your hotel staff about recipes!   Another way to experience countries.  

WARNING New TSA rules prohibit carrying on powders; pack your powdered spices

shopping in markets
Photo from Women making Argan oil from its nuts

Argan oil with its high percentage of Vitamin E is one of the most popular Moroccan exports. It is for moisturizing skin, hair, anti-aging, anti acne etc. Argan is used for cracked, damaged skin on feet and hands. Much Argan oil is produced by women-how great is that!  See photo above In Dubai, you will find frankincense and myrrh, repack them as Christmas presents!

Bring small bottles with tight tops; wrap in bubble wrap and put in airtight Pack do not carry on. If you do not want to carry these precious liquids, hunt around the internet; you will find them only less fresh.