Tomorrow some of our group leaves for Tuscany and our Villa/Cooking trip (the others are meeting a day later). Here is how I organize the day before a big trip:

Eat sensibly adding more salad and yogurt than normal (to balance out junk airplane chow and food impulses at the airport.)
Double check packing list against what was used today and what is actually packed.
Update/refresh all passwords and refile in my secret cave.
Check weather again for both New York  tomorrow and for Pisa. Arrival now in Pisa will be 63 and sunny. The whole week weather is better than expected with 70 on Saturday.

When you travel with The Women’s Travel Group, we keep you up to date with weather, adding new people who booked after the first list was sent to you, and often organizing a meet up before the tour starts. We are doing in Pisa this week at a specific budget hotel and/or at the airport.

Join us to Sicily our next Italy trip which has its meet up in Rome at the Airport Hilton a day before the actual trip. (We chose the Hilton as it is connected to the airport, so no wandering around by yourself).  We can meet there and use the free shuttle into town for our optional meet up dinner the night before the actual trip starts. This way women who live near smaller airports can have extra time to get to our destination and meet up with our group worry-free.