Women sometimes tell us they want to book a trip and sorely need a vacation, but have an ill husband or family member at home.  They feel uncomfortable about leaving a needy person but know their own health and fitness matter equally. Travel insurance will protect trip money as long as you take it out within 21 days of your deposit. It will protect $ even if you have an ill relative at the time you purchase it. Cover the full trip cost + pay for the insurance on time then breathe easily.

A second concern is keeping in touch. Most phone services, if left on for  incoming calls, yet cellular data off, will not break a budget. A call here and there for a minute just to know all is ok might only be $1.  If you want to receive email also, companies charge by the data used so for no photo/ text emails,  a package for overseas might be $25-40 for 1-2 weeks. A package I bought for Ethiopia for 16 days was $40 from ATT.  Note: Don’t send photos by email, wait until you get to a wifi spot then turn off cellular data and send free via wifi.

If all this sounds gibberish to you, someone on your trip will be in the know. There is always someone to teach electronic ins and outs.

Thirdly if you had to return home,  insurance is your solution. We always suggest you call the insurer and get their permission to buy whatever is needed first. That way there are no surprises after the fact. Insurance is on our site with a full page of information. And we send a quick way to get your quote when you book or before if you wish.

Here is a quote machine: TravelInsured for our Group for The Women’s Travel Group. Reference 49330 ECPS Consulting is our legal name for insurance/banking.

Travel worry free with The Women’s Travel Group.  PS India, still a spot or so left.