The New York Times publishes a list of 50 places to go each year. Some of these places would never be on one of The Women’s Travel Group’s bucket lists. Others are a surprise. Some areas are included because of new museums, more air routes or a festival. Countries create festivals to commemorate the 500 anniversary of whatever. Countries will also turn to expert public relations companies to get their names on this or other lists of Top 50. So we do not agree with all 50 on that list.

Here is one of the Top 50 with which we definitely agree:

Oslo and Norway: Let’s start with money savings on, a new very inexpensive and well-regarded airline. Norwegian is using airports like Stewart north of New York City in order to sell long haul transAtlantic flights at rock bottom prices. They use the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and are increasingly adding new airports.

Put those Norwegian airline deals together with Oslo’s amazing new buildings and trendy food, and this area is certainly worth being in the 50.

A good test of trendy Norwegian food is that 3 of the top restaurants in New York today are Norwegian: Aquavit, Agerm, and Aska. Food in Norway is not just fresh fish, but brisket, succulent chicken, local cheeses, unusual salads, and all kinds of berries. New restaurants in Oslo are varied and offer a gorgeous atmosphere plus terrific food.

If this hasn’t convinced you to go with us to Norway and Scandinavia, then perhaps the fjords and thrilling countryside will? Or Copenhagen will? Or Stockholm will?

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