No more pets on planes or peacocks in the middle seat. The Department of Transportation determined that planes are not required to recognize emotional support animals (ESA’s) as service animals. In future only dogs that fit under the seat in front of you are flyable. No peacocks, ponies or other large four legged friends. Simplifying:  this means that if you bring a dog on a plane you will need to pay a fee. ESA’s were free of charge.  Service animals for instance for the blind are regulated differently.

Consumer Reports states that most airlines charge $100-125 for one way with a pet. The airline compliant carrier is also expensive at $30-250. I am assuming the $250 is a Vuitton carrier for your French poodle?

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In all the years of The Women’s Travel Group trips, we have only had one woman tell us she uses a pet on the plane as an ESA. She went on our trip anyway, struggling through the anxiety sans dog. We encountered another lady who crouched in her seat when Alitalia took off. We were surprised then very concerned that she was ill. She recovered quickly, told us it is only take off terrified her. She had a marvelous trip and felt she had graduated from her fear of flying. 

If you worry about flying, here is a personal experience but not one about pets on planes. Returning to NY on Nov 30, 2020 the pilot announced we would encounter extremely high winds at JFK. Here is what to tell yourself when you begin to panic:

Dogs on Planes
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—The airline had the weather report hours earlier. They knew it was safe to land in severe gusts.

—Airlines are not financially responsible for cancellations due to weather. So they do cancel if it is unsafe.

—Crew will NOT fly with a safety problem. They want to live also.

—Crew will be told to sit down in order not to get injured in turbulence, not because it is unsafe to fly.

—Finally, if you are still freaking out, stare at the altitude on your tv monitor. If it keeps going down, you know the ETA. If not, you are circling until it is safe to land— not because it dangerous but winds, other planes, scheduling and other factors, play in here.

Hurrah My fear of flying while seated next to a peacock or un-diapered pony is gone. Another thing to be thankful for this strange 2020.

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