A personal note from Phyllis Stoller.  “My father started life as a traveling salesman. He started a business and worked a 24/7 schedule, before that was the thing to do.   Of course, that meant rarely going on vacation and never taking trips. Well, he did play golf all the time. My mother outlived him by 15 years in good health and with financial security, thanks to Dad’s constant work schedule.

Here is what she told me in her very short list of life’s regrets: I wish I had traveled. Because Dad did not travel, he was nervous about it and never encouraged me to go it alone or with who we then called “the girls”. Moreover, since we were in the fashion business, I could have gone to Europe tax deductible.

You want to travel? Your family doesn’t and shrouds you with worries and their nerves.  Today there are many options for safe traveling for solo women, on land and on sea. The Women’s Travel Group is one option. If my Mom were still here, she would probably call each of you and say:  Travel for Yourself, not for others.  For a first time solo experience, come to Tuscany with us. We have a lusury farmhouse, our own living room, snacks/drinks, all meals together, all inclusive. A bit like college….  March 21-29 2015. Come a day early and visit Pisa with us.