This article is paraphrased from Travel Insured, The Women’s Travel Group adds real life examples. The examples are not guarantees, but real women in real dilemmas.

Popular myths about travel insurance are the reason travelers do not invest in insurance.  Some of you tell us your credit card will cover you. Not entirely true.

Myth #1

If you have a credit card you don’t need to buy travel insurance.Travel protection through credit card companies usually covers certain accidents and only costs paid with that card.

Example: The Women’s Travel Group had a woman who hurt her back on a trip; she flew home in a high class of service to lie down. Credit cards do not provide that extra cost.

Myth #2

Airlines always cover costs due to cancelled flights. Airlines do always reimburse costs, if you cancel or they cancel.  If a flight is delayed,trip cancellation and delay insurance policies can help when the airline won’t.

Example: A snow storm prevented a woman from flying from Minneapolis, via Newark to Germany with us.  The airline offered a seat the next day. She called the insurance company, they paid for her to fly same day via another city.

Myth #3

You don’t need travel insurance for short trips.

Travel insurance will cover you, no matter how long the trip is, or what happens along the way.

Flying to India last year, not a short trip, but a good example. My luggage was delayed for 2 days. Insurance paid for new clothes, cosmetics and the airline kicked in a few other $. I ended up with lovely 100% cotton clothes, organic local cosmetics, and no aggravation.

Myth #4

If there is an emergency, accommodations will be refunded.

Absolutely not.  Cancellation rules will apply, you  even if you only down a credit card to guarantee.

Example: theater tickets, transfers, a layover hotel at an airport when your flight was changed.

Myth #5

Insurance policies are expensive.

After a few losses, I now add the cost of travel insurance to my travel budget.

You can buy our insurance right up to departure day. It will have certain limitations is available by phone or internet.

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