We still have space on our Rome, Naples, Amalfi Coast Thanksgiving extravaganza  Be prepared with some Italian words:

Turkey Tacchino…. and here is why it tastes better in Italy:

See recipe linked here.

Chestnuts Castagna  Chestnuts have a long history in Italy. Homer and Pliny both mentioned them. Chestnuts have bee a staple for both aristocrats and peasants all over Italy where they are still roasted in a ceramic container over the fire.

Pumpkin  Zucca   Pumpkin is cooked so beautifully in Italy, filling ravioli, risotto, pasta with pumpkin and bacon, gnocchi and even in bread.

Roasted pumpkin and pumpkin risotto.

When you join our Thanksgiving trip to Rome and South, you might encounter some of these dishes. And you will definitely want to bring home Italian food for the rest of the Holidays. Foods you can bring into the US must be canned or in a tube unless they are dried like flavored rices, salts, crystalized oranges and lemons. And some of the best chocolate in the world. Olive oil will not taste the same; buy it in the airport so you do not have to carry it during the trip.

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