Why did I let myself read that small article today about the greater number of pilots which have been found to have drugs in their system? The most scary category was sedating antihistamines, present in 9.9 percent of pilots who died from 2008 to 2012, compared with 5.6 percent from 1990 to 1997. The ingredients in Vicodin and Valium also showed up more frequently.  Now why would we tell you this bad news, if we are encouraging you to travel?

Reading the news in depth is a way to ruin your love of travel. Papers and TV only tell one side of the story; the horrible side. So going to Mexico? 99.999% of all trouble is in areas we do not touch. Going to South Africa? 99.999% disease in 1,000’s of miles away. Keep smart and read, but don’t let the media own you. Media is connected to advertising and advertising is connected to our eating junk, taking medicine we don’t need, and spending we cannot afford. Those are the real scary items. Join us this year to Morocco for 2 of the remaining trips with space or next year for many more.