Join us to Mexico City Feb 4-7 2016 and not just for Aztec temples and bargains. Mexico City is a city of startling museums, striking skyscrapers, outdoor gourmet cafes, deluxe shopping malls, built nearĀ  14century Aztec ruins. Highly innovative ways to combine old and new exist: like the 19c mansion below serving as base for a soaring office building.

Here are a few of the unbelievable buildings you will see along with the Frida Kahlo area, and the major Aztec museums and areas:

We have some space left on Mexico City Feb 4-7 with women either going on to Ixtapan Spa or returning home after the tour. Price is $860 inclusive if going to the spa and $960 if not. $200 low single supplement. We stay in a historic hotel, central city. Phyllis Stoller escorts this trip.

Feel free to call us also at 646 309 5607 or email,