Pyramids Mexico City



Carlos Slim Museum with our Group

The New York Times Travel Staff solicit pitches from travel writers in the US and overseas, to get to its short list of Top Destinations each year. In 2016 they chose Mexico City  as the TOP DESTINATION for the following reasons:

A metropolis that has it all.  Colorful culture with futuristic art and traditional murals side by side, Aztec history everywhere, unique architecture, great food, and bargains via a Peso that collapsed along with oil prices. Moreover, Mexico City has more and cheaper flights from North America than ever before including discounters SWAir, Jet Blue and Interjet.

What happened to all those scary Mexico stories? They receded as other headlines take their place: Syria for instance. Headlines are simply  a way to sell papers. Travel headlines are a way to show you the world and when travel writers rate a city TOP you can be sure you will love it.

Our Mexico City trip spans the Aztec pyramids, super modern museums, the greatest anthropological museum in the world which makes ancients feel alive, good restaurants an a hotel our group has always loved. The itinerary is here

Coming alone? Ask for a share; if we don’t have one, we will treat you to a single. This offer is good until Jan 1 2017

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