The Women’s Travel Group is known for unusual hand crafted itineraries. We also hand pick restaurants. This past year, we toured Iran, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Mexico City, including The Yucatan, Ethiopia, and more. Each trip includes special meals (Ethiopia is different). So how do we choose?

Safety and cleanliness are number one.

Quality of cuisine

A connection with local customs and ingredients.  In The  Yucatan we ate fresh jumbo shrimp and fish from the Gulf of Mexico. In Tuscany we ate what we cooked under the supervision of our professional chef. In Ethiopia, we shared large platters  at a local restaurant entertained by local musicians. In Iran we enjoyed elegant lunch and dinner restaurants alongside business people and women out for lunch.

Here is where we will eat at our upcoming Mexico City trip: check each out yourself then call us and book one of the remaining places on this winter warmth getaway to the top destination of 2016. Check out these photos.

Day 1 – Dinner – Café de Tacuba

Day 2 – Dinner – Hacienda San Angel Inn (directly after Coyoacan)

Day 3 – Lunch (not included), we propose El Cardenal in Calle de las Palmas 23

Day 3 – Dinner – Limosneros

Day 4 – Dinner – La Dulce Patria  awarded one of the world’s top restaurants in 2016.

To book a spot on Mexico City and get a free single if you ask for a share: click here. Or call us during office hours at 646 309 5607. is here to chat with you.