The photo is our doorman in India; we just like it but no relevance to this blog post at all.

doormanWhy spend millions to discover what all of us know already? Here are a few bits from a recent survey comparing men and women travelers:

We care more about getting to the airport on time and about security. Duh: who did the carpool? And who watched out for safety in the playground?

We wanted improvements to bathrooms; men wanted quieter cabins. Who do we  know are the culprits in messing up airplane bathrooms?  Ask a flight attendant, men are.  And why do men want quieter airplanes? Because perhaps they were not the parent who struggled to keep the children involved for hours on a plane ride.

Other travel needs/complaints are not gender specific.  We love our men folk, but why travel with them? As my own husband said: You go with the women, I can’t stand all that talking. And anyway, India? Ethiopia? Go with the girls.

So you out there with hubbies like mine, join us to India in November, Chile and Easter Island in December and grab one of the last spots on Ireland this Summer. Need the ultimate treat, Canyon Ranch Mass. at our discount.

PS final note: I am so glad my college dorm was NOT coed.

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