Last minute is used by tour companies to wake you up. Most companies call last minute 90 days before arrival. Why? Because if you travel with a big group, hotels and airlines require deposits ahead of time.  However if you travel with a smaller group like The Women’s Travel Group,  last minute is only 2-4 weeks away. We once booked a woman the day before a trip!

Our last minute trips include:

Canyon Ranch Health Resort, Lenox MASS.  October 9 arrival for 4 nights or October 10 arrival for 3 nights.  35% OFF  while the leaves are changing. This resort is deluxe but casual, beautifully located in rolling hills but all rooms and areas are internally connected.

For the fit there are 40 daily classes, hikes, walks,challenges and pool activities. For those just starting or restarting, there are personal trainers, low impact classes, gentle nature walks, and introductory classes to make exercise less daunting. And so you don’t get hurt.

For relaxation, you find yoga, meditation, energy healing, massage, etc.

For weight loss, there is gourmet low cal cuisine, ask for the recipes from your waitress.

For back issues, try injury prevention seminar, or a talk on inflammation and immunity.

There are talks on dreams? On diet success? On learn to draw? On gratitude? On fatique and achiness? On healthy cooking? On better skin?

Contact us for a last minute place: Who knows you might meet a movie star? Or look like one yourself after your stay?