vicfallsHate the sleet and snow and ready for an adventure this February? How about a super last minute trip to South Africa and neighboring Botswana! The Women’s Travel Group can offer you a huge discount by taking our last shared room on South Africa and Botswana. Yes you will need to rush, but some adventures are worth hustling for.

Here are the details attached.¬† We can secure your air, and rates have only¬†gone up a bit. We will overnight your documents and help with rush visas. All you need is a current passport, and willingness to expedite your booking, and your brains of course. Packing is easy for trips like South Africa; who doesn’t have a camera? Well most of us now use our phones to photograph trips.

We will always try for last minute bookings; we did one lickety split fast for Myanmar! Do we like rushing: NO, but will we do it for you YES. Will solo travelers benefit? OF COURSE

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