yhotelsign Our hotel in Merida Dec 2-7 Yucatan Trip

We often write about how to travel if you have issues. This past week as a woman called us to say it sounded as if fit women did not join our groups. So here is the explanation: we like to encourage everyone to look at their personal issues and get over them. It is not that we all have bad knees or backs!

If you are super fit, there are some options for you to maintain your fitness during most trips.

In-room exercises:

Shape Magazine: http://www.shape.com/fitness/workouts/ultimate-hotel-room-workout

Nerd Fitness: https://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2010/12/20/the-20-minute-hotel-workout/

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Our  Women’s Travel Group suggestions: Before you leave, go to your gym. Look at the machines and work out how to use your body instead of a machine. ie. push against the wall with your body at 45 degrees from the wall. Manipulate your hand from full front to side to access different muscles. Learn to do a push-up, but use a towel under your body for cleanliness. Even good hotels can have dirty carpets.  Walk the stairs of all hotels, after you have found out the exits open! Walk-in airports while you wait for the plane. Look through suggestions from long-distance haulers like Air New Zealand or Qantas for their in-plane exercise suggestions.  Buy work out resistance band to use as a weight. These are long elastic bands which increase your stretches and pulls. Learn to use them from a pro if you can


Learn to stretch properly; long plane rides and overnights in new beds can stiffen your bodies. Ask others in the group to walk with you on power walks-remember to bring the hotel address and a copy of your passport photo page in your pocket

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